At Healing Touch, every therapy is personal. Our treatments are customised for you by our doctors, often combined with yoga and other methods to provide deep healing from within and without. Every treatment is based on your needs and your ayurvedic body type. Even the food served for you is individual, with health drinks and herbal preparations that vary with your treatment. The result is nothing less than a return to the womb. There are no game rooms, no shopping expeditions, no television sets. The evenings are alive with chanting and hymns, unsullied by the sounds of the city. In fact, apart from these post-dinner gatherings where guests and staff alike participate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to disturb your new-found inner silence. You are in a space like no other on earth that we know of. An atmosphere that makes you conscious only of the potentials within, being slowly unlocked as your therapies progress.

Healing Touch is constructed as per Vasthu Shastra( Science guidelines prescribed by the ancient Rishis) where each moment of staying is memorable and peaceful. The Mansion is constructed in the traditional style of architecture of Kerala.

The air-conditioning, the luxury bath fittings and the five - poster beds will certainly lull you, but they shouldn't mislead you. Healing Touch offers unvarnished ayurveda, administered in its purest form, in accordance with millennia-old texts and traditions.

Our facilities are:

  • Customised treatments
  • Well Qualified Therapists
  • Personal Care for each patient
  • Two well equipped treatment rooms
  • Spacious toilet with tub and cubicle showers
  • 24 hours runnig hot and cold water
  • Fully equipped interactive kitchen
  • Private dining area for ayurvedic diet
  • Antique furniture
  • Herbal garden
  • Well stocked library
  • Separate place for Yoga and chanting
  • Bird/ Butterfly watching
  • Nature Walk with naturalist

Ayurveda Treatments

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